Date Name
2019-05-30 The magic of Software Defined Radio with Ben Hilburn Play | Edit
2019-05-23 Solving real problems with software and the Human Utility with Tiffani Ashley Bell Play | Edit
2019-05-16 Avalonia is a cross platform XAML Framework for .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono with Steven Kirk Play | Edit
2019-05-09 Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, and Branding yourself online with Yasmine Salem Hamdan Play | Edit
2019-05-02 The Problem with Software by Adam Barr Play | Edit
2019-04-25 Your biggest questions when learning how to code with Ali Spittel Play | Edit
2019-04-18 Sean Valentine on Hidden Geniuses and parenting in a digital age Play | Edit
2019-04-11 Performance as a Feature with Jeremy Boyd Play | Edit
2019-03-21 Inside a Tribe of Hackers with cryptographer Marcus J Carey Play | Edit
2019-03-14 A love letter to language (and programming) with Eva Ferreira Play | Edit
2019-03-07 How galaxies evolve with Dr. Molly Peeples Play | Edit
2019-03-01 Cloth Simulation for Computer Graphics with Tuur Stuyck Play | Edit
2019-02-01 Exploring Algorithms of Oppression with Dr. Safiya Noble Play | Edit
2019-01-25 Getting started with Machine Learning and Sabrina Smai Play | Edit
2019-01-11 Episode 666 - Game Engine Black Book: Doom with Fabien Sanglard Play | Edit
2019-01-03 Regine Gilbert on the Essence of Accessibility Play | Edit
2018-12-28 Better Allies and Better Hiring with Karen Catlin Play | Edit
2018-12-21 test && commit || revert with Kent Beck Play | Edit
2018-12-07 Real Software Engineering with Glenn Vanderburg Play | Edit
2018-11-30 ASP.NET Core in Action with Andrew Lock Play | Edit
2018-11-08 Upgrading GitHub and improving Rails with Eileen Uchitelle Play | Edit
2018-11-01 Designing for a Global Audience with Digital Nomad Jenny Shen Play | Edit
2018-10-25 Gaming for all with the Xbox Accessibility Controller and John Alexander Play | Edit
2018-10-18 Finding Engineering teams that share your Key Values with Lynne Tye Play | Edit
2018-10-04 Analog Computing and the Computer of the Tides with Charles Petzold Play | Edit
2018-09-20 .NET Core Global Tools for Developers with Mark Rendle Play | Edit
2018-09-13 Forge Your Future with Open Source and VM Brasseur Play | Edit
2018-09-06 Accelerate: The State of DevOps with Dr. Nicole Forsgren Play | Edit
2018-08-30 How GDPR is affecting the American Legal System with Gary Nissenbaum Play | Edit
2018-08-23 Inside Linux on Windows with WSL and Tara Raj Play | Edit
2018-08-16 Container Catharsis with Laura Frank Tacho Play | Edit
2018-08-09 Teaching Programming to kids (and everyone else) with Ben Wheeler Play | Edit
2018-08-02 Learning how to be a Wizard Programmer with Julia Evans Play | Edit
2018-07-26 Blazor brings .NET to Web Assembly with Steve Sanderson Play | Edit
2018-07-19 Compassionate Coding with April Wensel Play | Edit
2018-07-12 Web Accessibility and a focused on A11Y with Nicolas Steenhout Play | Edit
2018-06-21 Is a Programming Bootcamp right for you? with Kristen Leake Play | Edit
2018-06-14 Tips for Teaching Programming with Dr. Neil Brown Play | Edit
2018-06-01 A new life for old software - DasBlog Core with Mark Downie Play | Edit
2018-05-25 Do you need to speak English to Code? Noor - An Arabic Programming Language with Ahmed Abdalla Play | Edit
2018-05-18 Eric Heutchy on Backward Compatibility, Xbox One X Enhanced Games, and The Heutchy Method Play | Edit
2018-05-04 Building Web Applications for the next Billion Users with Ire Aderinokun Play | Edit
2018-04-20 A history of the Windows 95 Start Button and User Research at Microsoft with Kent Sullivan and Derek Hoiem Play | Edit
2018-03-23 F# and the functional SAFE Stack with Krzysztof Cieślak Play | Edit
2018-03-15 Demystifying Serverless with Cecil Phillip Play | Edit
2018-03-09 Type to the world in your language with Keyman and Marc Durdin Play | Edit
2018-03-03 Developing Online Identity with Sarah Squire Play | Edit
2018-02-23 Jessica Rose and the Worst Advice Ever Play | Edit
2018-02-16 Mr. Robot Disassembled with Ryan Kazanciyan Play | Edit
2018-02-09 Quantum Computing detangled with Dr. Krysta Svore Play | Edit
2018-02-02 Empathy in Technology Product Design with Venture Capitalist Sarah Kunst from Proday Play | Edit
2018-01-26 From F# to JavaScript and beyond with Fable and Alfonso Garcia-Caro Play | Edit
2018-01-19 Developing ON (not for) a Nokia Feature Phone with Elvis Chidera Play | Edit
2018-01-12 Staying Secure and "Getting Pwned" with Troy Hunt Play | Edit
2018-01-05 Functional Programming, F#, and Cloud Containers with Lena Hall Play | Edit